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Holy Ambition


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Kathy Linamen

To create welcoming environments through creativity and organization for the glory of God and to scale the experience so that others can know the how and why it works. To create a training platform with intentionality.

Denise Snowden

To empower disciples with the clarity of perspective offered through the adoption of a Christian Biblical worldview, thus empowering people to apply this perspective in a practical, meaningful way.

Anne Durell

To inspire women to discover who God created them to be and to motivate them to fulfill their God-ordained purpose through discipleship. To equip Christ-centered teams/organizations to discover their mission and goals and help them strategize ways to achieve them.

Virendra Vase

To build authentic communities in the Bay Area, the US and the world.

Jerry McCauley

To connect spiritually hungry high achievers globally to the message of Romans 12 through innovative media.

Sam Koon

To create environments in my business and in my church where serious students will be taught and mentored to know God deeply.

Archie Wright

To influence 500 young men to be Godly husbands, fathers and businessmen; to help each of them to maximize the God-given calling upon their lives.

Don Ingle

To impact leaders through Primemovers.

Paul Forbes

To impact 100 leaders nationally to transform our country and Kingdom through spiritual authenticity and generosity.

Phil Shaffer

To start a movement of men, beginning in Columbus, who all possess an accurate view of God the Father that leads them to purpose and wholeness in life.